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    Manatee™ - Find Atlantis

    (Concept Submersible Vehicle) / ©2014 Eduardo Galvani

    "If you want to escape from it all and see something you've never seen, or want a great chance to see something never seen, go inside a submarine."

    Mike DeGruy

    Divers - Le Monde du Silence (1956)

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau, co-inventor of Aqualung, is considered one of the most famous explorers of the sea. The French scientist made several documentaries about marine life, including Le Monde du Silence, one of the first underwater color film in history and the first documentary to be awarded with the Palme d'Or at Cannes, in 1956. Inspired by The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure, his book from 1953, is certainly a big influence for many contemporary sea researchers and oceanographers. Apart from the incomparable beauty of seascapes and marine animals, the seabed may really hold many mysteries about life on Earth.

    Manatee™ meets a green algae seascape

    Manatee™ is a concept personal submersible vehicle idealized for safe and confortable subaquatic explorations. Its control system is based on a Main Joystick, from which operator can easily command the thrusters and helms for an accurate navigation, and a Touch Screen Control Panel running its Integrated Operational System (Manatee™ IOS) with access to Safe Redundant Navigation Commands, monitors and controls for Surface Communication, Oxygen and CO2 Levels/Ambience Climatization, External/Internal Lights, SONAR Activities, Infrared and Camera Visualizations/Recordings, Engine/Battery Status, and other basic monitors and controls, as Compass, Velocity, Water Alerts, Hydrogen, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Depth, Pich, Roll, Heading, Altitude, Position (lat/long), Vertical Speed and more.

    Manatee™ meets a jellyfish

    Reach, Autonomy and Safety

    With up to 12 hours of Oxygen Supply and CO2 Removal (+100 hours reserve), up to 12 hours Battery Endurance (+100 hours reserve for communication and instruments) and it's Pressurized Cabin, Manatee™ has autonomy for deep explorations and can reach more than 9.140 meters (30.000 ft). As its interior keeps the surface pressure (1 atmosphere), theres no need for special age or physiological condition, any person can stay submerged as long as wanted, dive or surface at any rate as well.

    Manatee™ meets stingray fish

    Manatee™ IOS

    Manatee™ Integrated Operational System offers a full overview and easy control of all technical parameters, and optimizes the sea exploration with dynamic functions, as Camera Auto Shots, which uses infrared sensors for animal presence detection and auto capture photos or videos with its fullHD camera. Route Creator and Route Reminder helps to create a subaquatic route planning with Depth/Altitude and GPS Data, and allows explorers to add pins marks, notes and labels with instant photos or videos over the explored hot spots, creating an interactive 3D envinroment based on SONAR seafloor maps and personal marks and notes for later virtual navigation, post processing and research.

    Manatee™ interior view

    Manatee™ IOS Screens

    Basic Specs

    Capacity 4 persons

    Max Depth 9.140 meters (30.000 ft)

    Max. Operational Endurance 12 hours (+ 100 hours battery reserve for communication and instruments)

    Thrusters 2×10 hp

    Maximum underwater speed 14 knots (25 km/h)

    Payload 1 320 lb / 600 kg

    Controls Joystick and Touch Screen Control Panel (running Manatee™ IOS)

    Illumination High Intensity LED (Internal/External)

    Surface Communication VHF/UHF

    SONAR 400 meters range

    Main Oxygen duration 12 hours

    Reserve Oxygen duration 100 hours

    Battery Recharge 8/10 hours

    Manatee™ meets corals

    Manatee™ at seafloor

    Manatee™ searching for Atlantis

    Manatee™ interior view

    Manatee™ lights on

    Manatee™ side view

    Manatee™ back view

    Manatee™ front view

    Manatee™ top view

    Manatee™ front-side view

    © 2014 Eduardo Galvani.

    Comments are welcome: edugalvani@gmail.com

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